Case Studies

This section of the site is dedicated to presenting SCAD case studies of class work that has been done in conjunction with the Waters Avenue Revitalization Project. You can browse lightly, or dig into the digital files to take a deeper look. Case studies will only be presented once they are fully complete. The three original case studies were developed in Fall 2011, while several more will be posted as they are completed over the course of the next several months.

All projects have been or are being developed in a dynamic collaborative environment, and final presentations are publicly made numerous times to a wide array of stakeholders. The objectives of each project are aligned with objectives and intended outcomes of the City of Savannah’s Revitalization project, and the community’s direct input. The focus and nature of the project’s are developed independently by each professor, but with a clear appreciation for all of the important groundwork that has already been completed. What this kind of loosely aligned collaborative interplay is designed to facilitate is a steady rhythm of actions that communicate to an ever-growing segment of the Waters Avenue’s communities is that there is something positive growing in the neighborhood; a sense of place, of community, and of hope for a brighter future.

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