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Three days of exhilarating and intimate interaction during Design Ethos have come to a close, and we’d like to extend an expression of deep gratitude to the extraordinary people that participated, ranging from the local to the international. The six collaborative projects that were the focus of the DO-Ference were unique in their cultural, social and professional diversity, and the frank dialog that both drove the process and resulted from it will resonate for years to come.

Kudos to the exceptional work that emerged from the workshops, and make sure to check back for blog updates on the progress of each of them!

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About Ethos 2012

Ethos vs. DO

Come to listen. Come to do. Two conferences, one weekend. The Ethos Conference is a SCAD Graphic Design–sponsored design conversation that examines the overlap between visual design and living, while the DO-Ference listens to a community and acts accordingly.

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Keynote Speakers

david berman & ezio manzini


Thursday, April 19 (6p.m.)

Friday, April 20 (9a.m.)

Ethos Conference

Sponsored by the SCAD Graphic Design Department, Design Ethos 2012 is an invitation to those who say designers should be talking less and doing more. If you really mean it when you say that, then we want you here. We're opening up a world of opportunity for those who'd prefer to engage their skills during a conference, rather than just their ears.

For traditional conferences, stories are brought to the venue and shared. For Ethos 2012, the stories leaving the venue will matter even more. Come to do. Something will come of it.


We will frame the event through select presentations from people who have been leading the charge for change in the design field. Yes, there will be presentations; and there will be workshops; and round table discussions, too. But the mission of the Waters Avenue Revitalization Project will be a central theme throughout. What will we end up with? Come find out!

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