• From vision to reality for the “hidden treasure” in Savannah’s north-west corner?

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    By Kimberly Till Powell

    A flurry of presentations have continued over the past few weeks, building momentum as the Savannah Boxport vision continues to solidify. The spring Sustainable Practices in Design class at SCAD shared its shipping container concept with 1 Million Cups Savannah, The Creative Coast, Savannah Bicycle Campaign, Art Rise Savannah, and Healthy Savannah, among others.

    The team also revisited its plan, including a more developed cost analysis, with guidance from Savannah Boxport enthusiast Kevin Klinkenberg, Executive Director of the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority (SDRA). The team will present the concept to the SDRA board of directors in June.

    The plan currently has the following components, with a varying number of designated boxes and/or space: community garden, education pavilion, play box, rec box, museum box, public arts space, food box, coffee box, event box, event space, pop-up box, bike box, charge station box, maintenance box and of course, a few restroom boxes. Ways in which each of these features can be created have been researched, and out final presentation included everything from best practices to basic cost structures.

    Not only the bike box component of the proposed shipping container complex, but also the complete streets application and trolley concepts that accompany the Savannah Boxport vision relate directly to the goals of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign. Meanwhile, attractive to Art Rise Savannah specifically were the pop-up box rental studio spaces, as well as the prospective public arts initiatives related to the site for large-scale public art. The education and community garden boxes and pavilion space complement Healthy Savannah‘s mission of a creating a space to foster a growing social movement centered on healthy and sustainable food.

    Savannah has an underdeveloped riverfront in its north-west corner, and it’s this latent potential that has created an incredible opportunity for Savannah Boxport. The Creative Coast feedback included exceptional insights related to the proposed plans for the Springfield Canal as well as recognizing the site as a hidden treasure for the city via analogy. A compelling observation of untapped potential as far as site location, the corner – nearly under the Talmadge Bridge and bounded by the Springfield Canal and then homeland security on one side with the Georgia Ports Authority and the river on the north end – is nearly geographically identical to that of San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square.

    Savannah is on the cusp of revitalizing this north-west corner, and a project like Savannah Boxport can put Savannah on the map, blending historic and hip, and then, who knows, maybe Savannah can take the Boxport concept global! Imagine a few shipping containers filled with displays for Savannah-made products taking a world tour from one Boxport to the next, even as the city of Savanah hosts visiting containers from other special cities around the globe!! (yes, yes, that’s a later phase, but still…something to think about!)

    For next steps, a pro forma will be developed in connection with the SDRA, along with an effort to continue to garnering support and local interest. The Creative Coast, never one to hesitate in the face of a cool idea,  also encouraged use of a distinguished summer intern to carry the Savannah Boxport torch in conjunction wth SDRA’s potential efforts, as the team of current Savannah Boxport SCAD students will graduate this week. Stay tuned!

  • A Site to See for Savannah Boxport

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    By Nicholas Reese

    In our continuing efforts to raise awareness and excitement for the creation of a vibrant and diversified public space just outside the historic district, our team has been closely studying the potential for one site in particular. This proposed site for Savannah Boxport is located at the west end of River Street in Savannah, GA. Tucked under the Talmadge Bridge, the site is secluded from yet adjacent to the rest of River Street and downtown Savannah. The site is roughly 250,000 sq. ft., spanning a little over two city blocks along Warner Street.

    To the west of the site is the Springfield Canal, a more southern section of which is currently under proposed design for further development as Savannah’s Canal District by Sottile and Sottile Architects. Across Warner Street is The Hue, a residential housing complex boasting over 800 residents/students. Further down Warner Street near River Street is Alexander Hall, a SCAD owned building featuring drawing and painting majors. This building, along with multiple other nearby buildings is patrolled by SCAD security, further adding to public safety in this area.

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  • Invigorating Savannah Boxport

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    By John Gray Parker

    In the last blog, we shared what our team had learned from Savannah residents about what they would like to see more of in their city. Some of the most common comments included: local food, sustainable growth, edible landscapes, more biking, gardens, food carts, family events, public art, and public gathering spaces.

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  • Savannah Likes Boxport Like Boxport Likes Savannah

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    By Arianna Gianakopoulos

    Savannah Boxport is moving and shaking as the idea infiltrates deeper into the community through various community actors. Thanks go to Caroline Ingalls for spearheading the project, and SCAD Design for Sustainability program coordinator Scott Boylston for carrying the project forward in his Sustainable Practices in Design class this quarter.

    Our graduate class—3 architecture, 2 design for sustainability, and 1 service design student—has focused on keeping the original vision of the project intact, while gaining support and new vision from all kinds of people that have been brought to the table. Art, culture, commerce, education, and history are all essential pieces to this project that Savannah already possesses. We are simply figuring out the best way to bring them all together in one creative public space!

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  • Savannah Boxport: Community, Culture, Commerce

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    By Caroline Ingalls

    Ninety percent of all the goods we possess have been transported via giant steel boxes from faraway lands.Yet, how many people are aware of the journeys our toothbrushes take through raging storms and across vast oceans to get to our bathrooms? Our global economies owe themselves to what has been called the box that changed the world; the modest metal box we call a shipping container.

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  • Facilitating Change in the Dominican Republic

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    By April Lee

    Hi there! My name is April Lee, I am a Design for Sustainability MA candidate at SCAD. As a sustainability advocate I want to involve myself with organizations who have the purposeful mission to give back selflessly to facilitate real change.

    The Batey Rehab Project (BRP), is a non-profit organization who has proven just that. Founded by Katie Godkin de Morales, a former SCAD graduate of the Architecture program, BRP’s mission is to mobilize a movement of people to aid in the deliverance of knowledge, thus creating a shift of thinking towards international projects and programs integrated within Batey communities in the Dominican Republic. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with BRP twice last year, each trip has forever inspired where I should place value in life, and also my next steps going forward in my career.

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  • Fibers and Sustainability: An Event

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    “Extraordinary change requires building extraordinary relationships, and at some level this requires gathering together people representing diverse views so they can speak and listen to one another in new ways.”
    —Peter Senge, Necessary Revolution

    By Brittney Boudwin

    And so we gathered last month for the main event — students, professors, business owners, designers, artists and the like—to explore the intersection of sustainable design practices and fibers studio production. Some guests came for the studio production work, others more for the design practices information. With various reasons for coming, the most important part of each guest’s participation was that they represented different parts of the system and brought with them varied experiences and perspectives.

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  • The Main Event is this Thursday!

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    Collaborating is ultimately about relationships, and relationships do not thrive based on a rational calculus of costs and benefits but rather because of genuine caring and mutual vulnerability.” —Peter Senge


    This Thursday, November 20th, at the Creative Coast‘s CREATOR’S FOUNDRY! Stop in any time between 11:00 and 1:30.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • Challenging our Own Assumptions

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    Recently, our class broke into three teams: (1) Team Ecosystem, (2) Team Identities, and (3) Team Strategy in order to put our knowledge of one’s role in the ecosystem to the test.

    This week, we invited three people involved in fibers and textiles in Savannah for an open conversation about integrating SCAD students further into Savannah’s community as a means of developing their professional skills. Our guests were Charlie Crosby, Emily Felix, and Rebecca Zerby.

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  • Tips for Future Fibers Entrepreneurs

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    Get involved LOCALLY – build relationships with people even if it’s a restaurant owner. He might not be you customer, but he can get you one.”

    By Anu Agarwal and Eva Dunn

    In our exploration of the Savannah fibers scene, our team has been out and about, learning from those already contributing. Below is an interview with Adrienne Cronberger, owner at STITCH by team members Anu and Eva . But before the interview here is a short history of the Savannah company:

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